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Health Supplement Product  >>  MIKI Prune Stick
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1box x 18g x 30 Sticks
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A balanced combination of Vitamins and Minerals
M-PLAN MIKI Prune Extract is a nature food product. It contains various types of vitamins (Vitamin B1, B2, B6, nicotine acid and pantothenic acid) and minerals (rich in Potassium, Calcium, Iron and Phosphorus). Prunes originated from the Caucasus area which is located between Black Sea and Caspian Sea. This area is well known of its healthy centenarians. For over 2000 years, people in that area have used prunes as a very important food and placed high regards in it. its multitude of health benefits have earned itself a name called the "fruit of life". Prunes which have a balanced distribution of nutrients are now well-recognized and loved by people all around the world.